Telling your story

Telling your story is the key to business success


Even the most successful business people feel lost sometimes. This is especially true in these turbulent days. How do we survive when the traditional ways of doing business have been turned upside down?

The Secret is your Story

  1. What made you start your business? (Your Passion)

  2. Why do you love it? (Do you still have your passion?)

  3. Who do you best serve as clients? (What group of people need you most?)

  4. How do you solve your CLIENT’s biggest problem?


The answers to the above questions will help you shape your message when working to attract new clients and retain the ones you have. If you work with a marketing agency in the real world or a digital marketing agency or both there is a simple concept to grasp...

You don’t have a sales and marketing issue,

you have a visibility issue.



Thousands of local businesses just like yours heard the siren call of the digital world. The sudden appearance of “Pandemic Digital Marketing Gurus” was overwhelming. (Even though no one had been through a pandemic before, voila!, we had Pandemic Marketing Agency overload.)

You have seen and heard a thousand “gurus” on the Internet giving totally opposing advice. Video production, social media specialization, brand awareness campaigns, search engine optimization, content creation, inbound marketing, Shopify site and the list was endless.


You would need a thousand lifetimes to try and follow everyone’s marketing services advice! Getting digital marketing help from a marketing agency should come down to their ability to help with two basic foundational needs.

  1. How can they help you shape and deliver your story and knowing that...

  2. The only metric that means anything is the SALES you make from the RESPONSES your marketing campaigns generate.


So what are the best steps to success?


Repeat this mantra and make it a core belief for you and your business.


We are not for everybody.

Even if you sell a commodity like jam or cookies, your product will not appeal to everyone. Some will hate the name of your jam, or the color of your branding, or the retail location of your cookies, so bite the bullet and remember you need to pick a tribe.

Research your present customers and see who they are.

  1. What did they buy?

  2. What demographic group do they belong to?

  3. Where are they located?

  4. What are they interested in?

  5. Where do they hang out online and offline?

  6. What made them choose you?


This gives you the outline of your tribe. People that say “this is who we are” and “this is what we do.” A minimum viable group to achieve our goals together.

We are not for everyone, we are for true believers. These are the people that will buy anything you suggest because of the trust you have built with them in the past. They are the ones that give you referrals, testimonials, and become your advocates. They are precious beyond measure for your business to survive.

How many true believers do you need to earn the money you need for your lifestyle?

Now you have a specific target for your story but how do we reach them?