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GGF International partnership

We are especially proud of the work we did with Girls Go Fly, an organization dedicated to helping women achieve their dreams of aviation careers.


They take young girls up for free flights in women piloted and owned planes to inspire their dreams of flight.


We initiated contact with Mattel and Barbie as there was a female pilot Barbie and we thought the synergy would be fantastic.


The end result was an opportunity for GGF founder Sandrine Gressard to go to Santa Monica for a woman’s day event at the Santa Monica Airport.


She was slated to be on a panel discussion and to arrange tours of planes and speak with the young attendees.


This type of cooperative partnership is very special to us and we are proud to have facilitated this collaboration.

"I can truly say that Direct Ad Factory is a small marketing agency that delivers big results. I have been working with them for over 6 months during which they have proven over and over with their "think out of the box" mentality. Furthermore, Brian's unique sense of humour, makes our collaboration fun and delightful! Thanks, guys. Keep up the great work!"

Sandrine Gressard

Founder Girls Go Fly

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