The Power of Video

Video: Saving Your Business with Marketing's Super Tool

The Real Story

  • 82% of all Internet communication will be through videos by the end of 2020

  • Videos are shared more than text and graphics combined online +1200%

  • Increase purchase intent by 97%

  • Increase conversion by 80%

As featured in INC and Entrepreneur websites


No one will deal with a company they know nothing about. Anything online is suspect now, including email. We are suspicious of everything. Video increases the authority effect and trust factor. 


That is why video has become so important. It is real. It shows your business and who you are without any filters. The anonymity of a website or the cold flatness of a graphic pale in comparison to the emotional impact of a video.

​Start dealing with clients that are 70% of the way down the buying path when they actually contact you!

The three legs of the video business card stool are:

  1. What you do (and why do I need this product?)

  2. Why you do it (why is it better than others on the market?)

  3. What problem do you solve for your potential client. (What do I risk by buying this solution?)


Imagine showing your business and yourself in the best possible light 24/7 for people beginning the journey towards working with your company. Instantaneous visibility and trust!


My name is Brian Geddes and my company Direct Ad Factory specializes in high quality videos to tell your business story. Click the image below for a quick testimonial.

The power of video is its ability to create emotion. Emotion is the foundation for any purchasing decision. We buy emotionally and rationalize the purchase logically afterwards.


Video is the most powerful generator of emotion available.

You don’t have a marketing/sales issue, you have a:

  • Visibility

  • Trust issue


Showing yourself while showcasing your business helps make that human connection.


People will be 50% down the purchase path before they have even reached out to you because of your professionally produced video.

Tell people why they should pick you vs your competition.

Tell people exactly how your solution is the perfect remedy for their problem.

Make them feel the “promise” of what you will deliver.


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