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Using Professionals -- Why?

Jim has decided to get things rocking online. He spent the hours learning a website builder. He worked through getting his site live on the Internet. Grabbed a few photos from his hoard and had his 2nd cousin write some copy.

Jim launched the site and waited for the clients to roll in. Many Jim's have used this technique, even a few successfully. But not many worked out well unfortunately.

We can often place this unfavourable outcome on the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

This states that we all have a cognitive bias that overestimates our abilities in almost any task. Someone learns a new skill, web design, and then believes they are outstanding at it. Quite simply put, generally they are woefully over-optimistic and under-skilled.

We don't know what we don't know.

93% of people think they are above average drivers. Obviously that is statistically impossible.

The above is why professionals exist. They train, enhance their skills daily and are fatalistically aware of knowing how much they don't know.

Why do some people pay 200.00 for a logo and companies like Coca Cola pay 200,000.00? Especially strange is they have thousands of designers on staff?

They know what they don't know and hire the people that do.

The Dunning - Kruger Effect. Click Here.

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