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What is Your Difference?

The reason to put so much importance on your individual story from a business perspective is really quite simple.

The only REAL DIFFERENCE between you and your competition is YOUR story. How you came to all your decisions, and learned from all your experiences, and ended up in this business of yours.

What were the twists and turns, trials and tribulations, and roads untraveled that led you here today?

Belly-to-Belly Selling

My story includes selling of cars, coffee door-to-door and Florida Real Estate right out of high school. This was an education about the real world of belly-to-belly selling where only that days results mattered.

The next step was going into computer sales and marketing in the Lotus 123 era (my long-tooth is showing.) That led to digital marketing and the Internet. Starting with local initiatives and building to 44 million in yearly sales digital marketing has become my specialty.

From Director of Online Marketing to NAFTA-based marketing consulting in the US, the path has been twisting to say the least.

I moved from Los Angles to Liverpool NS. I have family there and the shock of family and a slight change in culture added up to a renovation of mindset. Finally we ended up in Bridgewater and opened Direct Ad Factory.

Stop Wasting Money!

DAF is in business to help local companies stop wasting marketing dollars. So many have horror stories of money spent with zero return. We champion the Direct Response Marketing Method, spend a 1.00 and earn a 1.10 immediately or stop spending.

The foundation for our unique marketing program is Storytelling. We sit with clients and mine the diamonds from their story. We look for the passion that got them started. The reason they thought they could do what others were doing but better. The secret sauce of their own personality and skills that none of their competitors could replicate.

Once that diamond is found it is polished with emotion, curiosity, and a story that people relate to and advocate. We don’t want clients, we want enthusiastic Tribe members.

“People like us buy products like this” is our dream client.

We don’t sell to everybody, we sell to our somebody.

All our interactions are based on our Story and our Avatar. The ability to know our audience comes from the years and years we took developing our story.

The Story Must Be Yours Alone

Tell YOUR story and no one can steal it. Every business says their quality, price, and service are the best. EVERYONE of them.

None of my competitors have ever said they learned the ropes selling Florida real estate at dinner parties.

That is the Direct Ad Factory edge.

What is yours?

Contact me and let’s explore!

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