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What The Hell Does That Mean?

My subjective expectations ran head on into the 18 wheeler of objective reality. (Thanks to Chris Do.)


Stories revolve around conflict.

Act One – our hero is living a great life in his ordinary world that has not changed in a long time.

Act Two – Something changes, a villain appears. Be it Darth Vader or Covid 19, the ordinary world of the here is rocked, changed forever and an unhappy place to be.

Act Three – our hero fights through the change, evolves and returns to his new normal and happiness

The story of your business needs to follow this outline. People expect this storytelling arc and respond emotionally to it. Deviate and an uncertainty and internal unrest can inhabit the soul of your listener.

Why fight 100,000s of thousands of years of storytelling tradition that speaks directly to our emotional, primitive brain? The printing press has been around since 1490 AD. That is but a split second in the march of humanity. What do you think is most powerful, our fight, flight and emotion part of the brain or our logical, numbers, data part?

Back to the collision of expectations vs reality. The reality truck hits your subjective thoughts square on.

  • Covid is annoying but so was SARS and Swine Flu

  • There won’t be a second wave.

  • Lockdowns? This is a free country not some crazy dictatorship.

  • My business will close for a week or two max and then re-open with no permanent changes.

Your story begins as you realize the bully boy that reality is.

Now you need to tell the hero story of how you survived, how you changed, how the new normal is ok in the end. Make it dramatic, make it heartfelt and make sure people can relate, empathize and recognize their own plight in your tale.

The start might be:

Imagine a world…

Then act two starts with:

The battle for survival began….

The third act:

The world is sunny, the service/product I saved has come through the fire, reborn, better and stronger for my listeners.

Let’s build your story together. Send me the rest of this first line….

Imagine a world….


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