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Why Do You Think You Suck?

Imposter syndrome is a condition that huge numbers of people fall victim to and many never get over. No matter how accomplished you are in any given endeavour you just feel like a fraud.

Your story, history and experience never seem to be enough. You stack yourself up against others and always find someone better, smarter and more accomplished than you. This reaction, while predictable, is most often untrue and a real roadblock to your enjoyment in life.

This scourge also spills over into your business. You don’t believe your product or service is good enough. All your competitors appear to be better than you in your mind. A mindset like this can put your business lights out incredibly rapidly.

So what do you do?

The first step is recognizing the internal dialogue you have been pounding yourself with for the last who knows how long. Try and take stock of your assets, both externally and internally, as objectively as you can manage.

Next write down a list of 20 areas of expertise you have. This list can include both business assets and personal abilities you have acquired over the years. From a business prospective try and put a number on the skill as in how much someone would pay you to have access to that knowledge. (This great advice comes from Chris Do. It would do you a world of good to check out his YouTube channel called “thefutur”).

Dive into your past and write down the skills and wisdom you have acquired. List them down and be able to articulate each one in a simple sentence. This is the value you own and never acknowledge. This is the basis of you beginning to believe in yourself.

We can help you mine your history and develop a compelling, emotional and powerful story to gain engagement with potential clients. Let’s write what you lived. Let’s tell your story to your “tribe.”

The power is inside waiting to be freed.

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