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Stonewrights Paper Ad
Stonewrights paper Ad
Instagram Post
Instagram Post

Stonewrights Countertops

The Brief:

Stonewrights is a countertop company with an in-house production capability and world-class
installation protocols working on the finest materials. The need was recognition in their localized marketplace and lead generation leading to increased sales, to targeted customer demographics.


The Challenge:

Stonewrights had done multiple marketing initiatives from radio, to newspaper ads to social media posts. The problem was in managing all the different touchpoints to adhere to a single message, look and feel.

The Result:

Newspaper ads were created in a familiar framework that was instantly recognizable in their weekly ads. The message changed but the overall look and feel become consistent. This allowed consumers to easily find the ads once there interest in new countertops became a desire for them.

Social Media programming became consistent across platforms with a monthly theme to help increase awareness amongst followers and potential followers. The theme on platforms would also tie into the newspaper advertising to make a cohesive touchpoint experience. Web design for a lead generation landing page was implemented to help optimize every client contact possible. The online strategy was split in two with an emphasis on immediate daily sales and long term lead generation.

The next step was a direct mail test campaign to expand their reach amongst the non-digital market  targeting specific postal areas that fit the Avatar created of their ideal client. The bottom-line is that Stonewrights had their best months ever sales wise when the shutdown hit. They have been able to stay cautiously open with a laser focus on safety which has helped. Their focus is on-going communication with their clients, suppliers and employees through the course of the crisis.

The next steps were and are affected by the virus. We have planned a new trade show booth design and experience along with a pop-up store in Bridgewater when the opportunity becomes viable again. Potential synergy between social, print and radio campaigns will dominate the future. This holistic approach to keeping all client touch points on message have added a framework that will help Stonewrights be able to survive the pandemic and thrive in the new world reality.

"Prior to working with Direct Ad Factory, I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of all the different marketing tasks I was trying to accomplish as part of running our company. I don’t have to spend hours anymore searching for a visual and composing the accompanying text, or doubting whether it was even good work that I was doing. I don’t have to feel bad because I didn’t have time or didn’t remember creating a post on Facebook. All our marketing – ads, social media posts, newsletters, mail-outs, trade show booths, signage - is designed by professionals now. Nowadays we are much more present on social media with significantly increased engagement. All communication has been very productive and it is always great to see what ideas they have up their sleeves. Working with Direct Ad Factory gives me peace of mind and lets me focus on what I do best, while letting them work on what they do best."

Martina Groeger


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